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Does Anybody Know Who's in Charge Here?

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By Charles Pierce, Esquire
14 July 17

The dog caught the car, now he might just go off a cliff.

""Let me explain this to you," said an influential Democrat of my casual acquaintance, twinkling just a bit as he talked. "This is the classic situation of the dog chasing the car and then, all of a sudden, the dog is in the driver's seat. Except that, this time, there are five dogs in the driver's seat. One of them is saying, 'Turn left,' and one is saying 'Turn right,' and another one is saying just drive right over the cliff there."

Thursday brought us the most recent performance piece of the extended Republican shadow-play entitled, "We Care About Sick People, Too." Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gathered his people in the Strom Thurmond room of the Capitol—and what a proud place that must be—and explained to them the latest iteration of whatever the hell his caucus us trying to do on the subject of healthcare. These now include what they call the "base bill," the newest iteration of the dead fish that was slung over from the House of Representatives a while back.

They also include the Cruz-Lee Amendment, the "compromise" produced by the Tailgunner and the konstitooshunal skolar from Utah. This is the provision that would re-introduce the country to the blessings of street-surance, eviscerate the protections regarding pre-existing conditions and, according to Cruz, free his fellow Americans from the jackboots of actual functioning health insurance. "If it were up to me," the Tailgunner told his moving gaggle, "we'd have moved forward to full repeal but that was not the will of the conference." Then, early Thursday morning, another dog grabbed the wheel.

(Spectacularly, in order to make his amendment work, Cruz's proposed amendment double-counts some of the money in order to finance a high-risk pool. This is as unwieldy a cluster of fck as the Senate has seen in quite a while.)..."

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They rarely agree on much, but health care experts on the left, right and center of the political spectrum have found consensus on the House GOP's Obamacare replacement: It won’t work.

While their objections vary depending on their ideological goals, the newly introduced American Health Care Act (AHCA) is facing an unrelenting wave of criticism. Some experts warn that the bill is flawed in ways that could unravel the individual insurance market.

The bill, experts said, falls far short of the goals President Donald Trump laid out: Affordable coverage for everyone; lower deductibles and health care costs; better care; and zero cuts to Medicaid. Instead, the bill is almost certain to reduce overall coverage, result in deductibles increasing, and will phase out Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.

But don't worry! I saw Trump on TV today saying we are very close to coming up with a new plan that will be just beautiful! How many people are seriously waiting for this?

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Ted Cruz is one of the most evil human beings in politics. I am actually glad Trump beat him. He is now trying to fool the American Public. He wants to eliminate Medicaid in the amounting ot 800 billion. Now when they score that combined with the tax cuts for the wealthy and the loss of the subsidy, it has been shown that in excess of 20 million Americans will lose health care. So the bait and switch is simple. Take a worthless healthcare policy with No coverage and sell them for the same or nearly the same as subsidized real health insurance. So they go to score that and it shows less of a loss of insured. Now the second smoke and mirror tactic is to temporarily create high risk pools and pour a bunch of money in that for about four years, and again when that is scored it will artificially bring the numbers down.

These people are evil. They know that once they take it away, it is too difficult to reform health care, and poor people will not have medicaid, the rich will keep their tax cuts, and this will become permanent. I have heard 12% of Americans approve of the Senate version as presented. Cruz the evil one is trying to be sneaky........I like what President Trump called him.....lying Ted Cruz.

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Obamacaid cut 800b from Medicare and expanded medicaid by 800b. If y'all want to use the trick of calling cuts to future increases cuts... then that govt math needs to be used for every aspect of the issue... including Obamacaid.

ONE... set of rules and standards.

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Tax wealthy to provide subsidies which allow folks to be responsible in buying health insurance. Get rid of the taxes on wealthy and take 20 million people's insurance away. It is simple It is a moral choice. You are either a moral person or you are not. 12% of Americans think the senate bill is good. It is good to know that we have a supporter here. I always scratch my head wondering who those folks are.

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"It is simple It is a moral choice"

You conflate health insurance with healthcare. Forcing the young and working poor to buy something that is in reality catastrophic ins is fraud by govt edict redistribution. Leftists want to make this a moral issue... when in fact it's just more leftist statist social engineering. The bait and switch will eventually be the promise that containment of costs will come when the govt can control thru penalty and subsidy ALL of a citizens habits and choices. Of course you useful idiots will be dead by then... and your descendants will know no other way. It must be nice to be clueless... I mean that sincerely.

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I know Bob might be alive today if he was not sold that chit health insurance policy. I know Ted Cruz is proposing to sell junk health insurance policies which like Bob did not cover anything, and he should have had rigorous treatments paid for by a standard policy, and not having him dig in his pocket and get on a payment plan which he was still paying when he passed.

There are about 5% of ACA participants who have legitimate problems which need to be fixed. The other 95% are getting pretty good health care coverage. Yet, 20 million are going to lose that coverage, and medicaid cuts hurt the elderly and infirmed as preexisting conditions will be in high risk pools which are only being funded through the next few years. It is a moral choice. If Bob was here today, he could vouch for how his life was sacrificed on the alter of greed, and he did not hide his feelings a bit. We all have to make moral choices.

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The elderly, needy, and disabled already got coverage. What Obamacaid largely expanded to are the young and able freeloaders. What you scream of moral outrage is contrived and false.

Why don't you try fighting on level ground coward.

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