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What is it w/ veterinarians?

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26 Re: What is it w/ veterinarians? on 7/20/2017, 1:07 am

Hallmarkgard wrote:We used to have a black lab.  His name was Scooter.  He used to go the shipyard with me and hang out with the yard dog who's names was Critter.  He was a great dog.  One day he got real sick so my son noticed it and said we needed to take hime to the vet.  we loaded him up and went to see Dr Stine.  I told my son to be strong and try not to cry because Scooter really didnt look good.  Sure enough the Vet came in the room and said scooter had cancer and there wasnt much he could do for him.  My son looked at me, and I started to cry.  LOL  I almost never cry.  It was maybe the first time my son had seen me cry.  He said "Its ok Dad"  The vet was touched and said he would operate on him but couldnt guarantee anything.  Scooter made it and lived another 5 years until he went blind.  So much for being a tough guy  LOL

Late getting to this, Hallmark, but wanted to let you know I love this story, and love you for telling it.  Smile

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