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Russia steps up spying efforts after election

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And Trump's State Department is giving them the visas to do it.

Fueling law enforcement officials' concern is that the Russians are targeting people in the US who can provide access to classified information, in addition to ongoing efforts to hack the US government for intelligence, according to several of the officials. In some cases, Russian spies have tried to gain employment at places with sensitive information as part of their intelligence-gathering efforts, the sources say.

But that hasn't stopped the State Department from issuing the temporary duty visas — also known as TDY — to the suspected Russian intelligence officers. US intelligence officials who spoke to CNN expressed concerns about the number of temporary visas the State Department has issued to Russian travelers. The issue is not a new one between State and intelligence but has continued even after the intelligence findings of Russia meddling in the US election.

From the article cited above.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Trump returns the two Russian compounds Obama closed.

It's funny how in all the talk about what Obama did or didn't do in response to the hacking allegations, no one ever mentions that.

I don't recall ANY Republican administration every uttering a peep about those two notorious spy-nests.

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