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Hip hop abs

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1 Hip hop abs on 7/2/2017, 7:34 am

The last time my abs were ripped was my senior year in high school as I weighed 195 and looked good. My Freshman year in college I put on 10 lbs and never saw my abs again. Most of my adult life I was 230 lbs and I had a bit of a spare tire. I just saw an info commercial for hip hop abs, and I thought to myself did I every have the desire to go back to my senior year in high school and see the rip of my abs. I must be the exception, but I am very comfortable in my mature body. I never had a desire to see my abs. I have always questioned the extremes folks attempt for some idea of what beauty is........I must admit I have no sexual attraction to a female who has ripped abs, nor have I every found much respect for a male who needs to spend time trying to go back to high school. Our bodies change and our mind hopefully matures, but this obsession with being skinny in America is not healthy. I understand being physically fit for good health, I do not understand the obsession to take your body back to when you were 18.

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2 Re: Hip hop abs on 7/2/2017, 8:00 am

It is because a majority of the population are lemmings willing to follow anything that the media tosses at them if they feel that in doing so will make them more attractive or sexier. Sadly, most people buy, (literally) into this scam and spend their good hard money on such crap-o-la.

I am quite sure if someone advertised that for a small charge they would send you the instructions on how to perform a home lobotomy with an ice pick thus making you younger, sexier and more desirable, many people would fall for it.

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3 Re: Hip hop abs on 7/2/2017, 11:26 am

I thght of advertising "perma-buzz". Are you tired of drinking? Taking pills,? Buying street drugs? Only to have to start over the next day? Well... worry no more. perma-buzz will solve the hassle. Simply apply one time and you'll never have to do any of that again. (the product is just a hammer in a box) But wait... there's more..!! drunken

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4 Re: Hip hop abs on 7/3/2017, 10:57 am

The ab stuff is marketed that way because the 19-25 age is what most people can imagine as a peak health and energy age range. Like if you imagine yourself at age 21, you were probably more likely to be running around, chasing girls/guys, etc.

So if someone promises to bring that back, a good number of people will want it.

But in general, I'm on the same page as you. I'm rather comfortable in my mature self. Cool

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