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Trump met with Comey 8 times before he fired him. Never inquired about damage caused by Russian Cyber attack!

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That's right, my darlings.  Trump is only concerned about Trump.  He doesn't give a shit about protecting America.  He has never inquired what the intelligence agencies have discovered about Russian hacking and cyber attacks, or even inquired what they recommend we do to prevent such events from happening in the future.

If you think Trump cares about you, you're as infantile and self oriented as he is.


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What Russian hacking? The dnc never allowed the fbi to examine the machines. So there is no proof.

The dnc word is shit.

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Or, there's another possibility, which is even more sinister -- Trump didn't ask about it, because he already knew. Because he was in on it, and he doesn't want to do anything to stop it.

But, I'm going with the Trump-doesn't-care-about-anything-but-himself scenario, because there's a whole lot of evidence of that.

All morning I've been watching Republicans online defending Oliver Stone for saying nice things about Vladimir Putin. That's very surreal to me. I knew the GOP had gone a little crazy since they started mainlining propaganda like it was heroin, but I never thought it'd go so far that they'd start sniffing the jock of America's enemies. There's a well-established authoritarian, masochistic, fawning streak in conservatism that gets off on having some big boy's boot on their neck. They love being told what to do, from cops to church, but, damn, I thought the line they'd draw against it was a lot further back than it's turning out to be. They're having pimp-games played on them by foreign powers, and they're so stupid-happy at a chance to "piss off the libtards" that they're willing to fall right into Putin's trap. It really is a case of "ha ha, the Democrats hate Putin, so we'll show them by hugging him around his knees and calling him daddy!" now.

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Sal wrote:
PkrBum wrote:What Russian hacking?

Why don't you at least try to keep up, bonehead?

Sorry... i thght you were talking about the dnc hack. The Russian interference has been ongoing.

We pull that shit all over the world too. We ought to clean our nose and give russia a bloody one.

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PkrBum wrote:What Russian hacking? The dnc never allowed the fbi to examine the machines. So there is no proof.

The dnc word is shit.

Who said anything about MACHINES? The issue is the Russian use of political cyber attacks aimed at giving Trump the presidency. Hell, even Putin now admits it was Russian hackers. As for the dnc, who gives a damn about them? I sure as hell don't. The truth is Trump doesn't give a shit about this country or you and yours. And that's reality baby. Squirm and bend words any way you want, but it's fact Trump never asked what the Russians did or how we could protect ourselves in the future.

And that's the real shit, baby face.

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The Russian agenda for decades has been to interfere. Welcome to yesterday comrade.

You're just being triggered... nice job.

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