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Trump's unwinnable war against his own administration

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"a former campaign aide told McKay Coppins of The Atlantic."

When does this ever get old? How consistently wrong do these hit pieces of leftist fodder need to be?

They aren't even first hand leaks.  Former campaign aide... cmon... lol.

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I don't really feel sorry for anybody who jumps in bed with this administration, because when a house is obviously on fire and you decide to back up a Uhaul and start moving your furniture in, you deserve what you get.

But, I almost have to feel some sympathy for them, because it must be hell dealing with a deranged adult who hasn't really made it past toddlerhood. It's like they're trying to carry water and there's this idiot running along after 'em who doesn't see why it's a bad idea to shoot holes in buckets.

Trump has spent his entire life surrounded by butt-kissers who never tell him "no," and so he's gotten the idea that he's a genius. He's not even close -- the opposite, in fact -- but he's never even had to question himself, so people are going to find it impossible to put a set of brakes on him. He's not going to listen to anybody, and he's going to follow every stupid impulse. He spent almost his entire life in a world where he could get away with anything. He's not there anymore, and he's stubbornly refusing to accept it.

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What's not being accepted is the election by leftists. Non-political anti-establishment got him elected.

Try to pace the hysteria comrades.

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