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Good read Seaoat from Northwestern

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Northwestern is a special place which I have been blessed with their care and expertise. I should have died four years ago, but for the best of the best. I have not opened my email from them about a message. They are wanting to do chemo embolization on the liver on the one growing tumor which could not be radiated with radio emoblization. I do not want to read it because I am enjoying a rebound from the surgery on the liver, and I do not want to take the quality of life away to buy a few more months of putting poison in my body when it is well documented that chemo really does not do chit for endocrine cancer. My wife and I talked about this coming back from the award banquet, and she agrees that I have finally gotten some quality back since the liver surgery, and now they want to cut on me some more, or maybe they are just sending me an email about a Gilda support group......I guess I better read the email.

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Glad you're reading the email, Sea. Reading doesn't commit you to anything, right?

Have there perchance been any new and exciting developments in chemo lately? In any event can't blame you for not wanting to go that route...and I know you'll make the best decision for you and your family.

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You managed an amazing construction project, even while feeling sick, so there's a lot of fight in you, and that's an important thing. I know chemo sucks, but if it could give you a real chance, it'd be worth investigating, at least. In any case, I'm wishing you the best.

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I'm just glad that you're feeling better. The human body can do amazing things. It's going to be a great summer..!!

I'm going to try a couple of surgeries on my back/ neck in the late fall... until then I'm going to try to forget about pain... lol.

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