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About 800 Americans have been killed by terrorist since after 911, yet workplace violence kills half of that in a year.

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Wrong, again, seaoat--but that's no surprise, is it? [Check your PMs]

As machines take over more and more tedious, repetitive tasks, people are going to have to PAY to work--and they'll gladly do it because people WANT to work.

In the meantime there's this:

Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens only worked four hours a day—and you should too

One study from Illinois Institute of Technology in the 1950s found that scientists who spent 25 hours per week in the workplace were no more productive than those who spent five. Scientists working 35 hours a week were half as productive as their 20-hour-a-week colleagues, while workers who put in 60 hours or more were the least productive of all. More recent research echoes these findings.

While implementing shorter workdays might be a hard sell for managers and executives, “a few companies, including Tower Paddle Boards, as well as many companies in Scandinavia, have found their businesses actually grew—and employee satisfaction surged—after cutting employees’ work hours,” Pang says.

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