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Trump the traitor -- EVIDENCE AT LAST!!

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Wordslinger wrote:
PkrBum wrote:There were numerous complaints along those lines over Obama and his leftist ideologues... but y'all never listened. You dismissed them without consideration... without even acknowledgement. They were summarily dismissed as racist or bigoted or whatever. Sooo...  now you have concerns... how cute.

I'm a leftist myself.  I approve of most of what Obama accomplished.  But I guess in your eyes I'm flawed because I care about people more than money.  Reality.  And, like I said, show me where Obama colluded with a foreign country to take control of our government ... and if you can't then show your white flag!

Show me definitively where anybody colluded with a foreign country to take control of our govt.

What you're calling evidence isn't evidence... it's clickbait media talkingpoints built upon talkingpoints.

There is no evidence of collusion yet... period.

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Pkrbum: We disagree. And it appears that every day now there are more and more pieces falling into the puzzle, as if by magic. There is no legitimate defense for Kushner's attempt to establish a Russian back channel utilizing Russian embassy tele equipment. But, I must admit, considering
Trump's growing frustration and the suffering he's now experiencing, I'd be happy if the situation continues for the next year. Fuck Trump, let the dead man walking continue to twist on the end of his rope. .

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