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Oh my goodness, the new special counsel tied to radical islamic groups

View previous topic View next topic Go down  Message [Page 1 of 1] calls itself conservative and non-partisan. The two handles are mutually exclusive, as the following listing of heavily biased articles clearly demonstrates:

I wouldn't trust a judicialwatch story any farther than I could throw it.

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I know, you hate facts when they are not in favor of your liberal masters.


If you follow Phoenix politics, then you are familiar with the activities of a Washington, D.C.-based group called Judicial Watch, which seems to be suing half the city at any given moment — notably, the half that doesn't agree with it. But more on that in a sec.

The local press normally softballs any reference to Judicial Watch, characterizing it in print as a "conservative think tank" or a "watchdog group."

It is more than conservative. In fact, Judicial Watch specializes in far-right-wing advocacy, and though the group is designated by the Internal Revenue Service as non-partisan and tax-exempt, it pursues a relentless wing-nut agenda, one that includes the insidious cause of nativism.

You can read the rest for yourself here:

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