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Wasn't McMaster Supposed to be the Sober and Reasonable One ...

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... who would be a check on the erratic nature of the administration and hold it in check?

I guess not so much.

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He's a good soldier, but he needs to draw the line on his career as a soldier or one of Trumps lackey's. He didn't look happy last night and not today when he spoke.

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Did you notice that McMaster tried to shift the focus to the leakers, not the beans Trump spilled?

"McMaster said that national security had instead been put at risk by people 'violating confidentiality.'"

Earlier, in a tweet at 5:10am Tuesday,  Trump tried to shift the blame to Comey:

But wait, there's more: Now it's come out that the source of the intel was Israel. So Trump leaked classified, compartmentalized intelligence from Israel to a country that has Iran as a client state. Yeah, IRAN, the mortal enemy of Israel.

As a result, Israel is going to be real economical with the intel they share with the US which, since they have an intelligence service that rivals the KGB at its peak and is a significant source of info on Islamist extremism, will severely damage our ability to combat terrorism.

Israel was, however, warned earlier NOT to share intelligence with the Trump administration. From Newsweek:

"U.S. intelligence officials reportedly warned their Israeli counterparts to exert caution in sharing top secret information with Donald Trump’s administration for fear of it being passed to Russia and then to Moscow’s ally and Israel’s arch-enemy, Iran."

Hang on, it gets better. Next week, Trump's going to Saudi Arabia for an "Arab, Islamic and American Conference" then to Jerusalem to suck up to Netanyahu, then he's off to Italy to kiss the Pope's ass ring and for a NATO and then a G8 conference.

He's just managed to piss off every one of those principals by leaking intel to the Russians. The Saudi's and their allies because they hate Iran, Israel because he spilled their beans and the NATO folks because Russia is breathing down their necks.

Donald Trump, in one mindless blunder, just scored a Hat Trick in the Great Game of International Geopolitics...   only thing is, he scored it for the all the other teams!

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Sal wrote:... who would be a check on the erratic nature of the administration and hold it in check?

I guess not so much.

He's McMaster, not Ring Master. Laughing

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The deal is, supposedly there was only the Russian's, their photographer, McMaster, Tillerson and Trump himself, so one of them were the leakers.

What's to say the Russian's didn't call a source on the newspaper? Tillerson? McMaster? Trump himself? This is what it boils down to.

Sounds like a silent coup in Trump's white house with his handpicked people.

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