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Perfect Accuracy

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26 Re: Perfect Accuracy on 5/13/2017, 12:38 pm

Speaking of Orwell:

By Associated Press May 12

WASHINGTON — Trump lawyer: Tax returns from past 10 years show no “income of any type from Russian sources,” with few exceptions.

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27 Re: Perfect Accuracy on 5/13/2017, 12:44 pm

And...         wait for it, wait for it:  The law firm was named Russia Law Firm of the Year!  Imagine that.

"The lawyers who drafted a letter for President Trump declaring that he no significant financial ties to Russia work for a company that received an award for “Russia Law Firm of the Year” in 2016."

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28 Re: Perfect Accuracy on 5/13/2017, 1:11 pm

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29 Re: Perfect Accuracy on 5/13/2017, 8:44 pm

2seaoat wrote: would you please outline what you have learned and share . . . . . ???

Our direct TV bill was getting close to $140 per month for a couple special channels, HBO, and the basic cable channels.  We often would lose coverage during storms, and then saw our daughter's direct TV bill was $225 with almost all the channels.   It was an addiction costing $1,800 a year.

We had put up a 35 foot flagpole a couple years ago, so our first step was to put up a directional antenna on our flagpole.  We can now get our local channels through digital free signals rather than direct tv, but the best part is we get metv, grit tv, laff tv, and other specialty tv for free with almost 40 channels to choose.  Next we went to Best Buy and spent $45 for a Roku streaming tv and signed up for Netflix, Hulu, Sling, and HBO.  We upgraded our internet speed for $5 a month, and on a promotion got a second Roku for free.   My wife has one on her TV, and we have one in our family room where I sleep in a lazy boy.  We get all the basic channels like espn, history, AE, cnn, amc, tnt, etc. but the HBO requires watching the programs a day after they are played on regular HBO.  I watch vice news each week day, and our total bill is less than fifty dollars a month, a savings close to $90 a month.  I spend about 60/40 on the streaming with 40 on the free antenna tv and the specialty shows which are mostly tv series from when I was a kid which at this point in my life is very relaxing and fun.  I would recommend to everyone who has a good stream of broadband to cut the cable and direct tv monopoly.   Our experience has been very good except that on the second TV, the ROKU will limit your watching the same program on both TVs.  So my wife can be watching HBO and I can be watching CNN and there is no problem, but if we are both watching CNN one of the roku receivers will shut off the program.  We have adjusted and with almost a hundred bucks a month savings, we have broken our addiction.

We also take the roku reciever to florida for the four months we are down there and watch all the tv without having to get a TV package with the cable company or direct TV saving us another $1,200 a year as we used to have the monthly cost in Florida and in Illinois.  So in our situation our TV addiction was costing us almost $3,000 more than we are now paying.

Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it.

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30 Re: Perfect Accuracy on 5/13/2017, 9:00 pm


Just today I kicked cable TV to the curb and saving myself $80+ a month.
Finding my way around Amazon Firestick as i type.

Feels liberating! Smile

31 Re: Perfect Accuracy on 5/13/2017, 9:36 pm

We rarely use amazon and Hulu, but use sling and Hbo mostly. It is liberating, but there are some hurdles and learning curve but we are very satisfied. The only problem I find with free digital tv in Pensacola is that most of the channels have been grabbed up by religious organizations and your free tv channels are limited. I think they have Grit and METV, but in Illinois there are fewer religious stations and more old tv series stations. I watch grit, metv, and Wear TV mostly when we set up the roku in Pensacola.

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