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State Legislature medicinal mj

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1 State Legislature medicinal mj on 5/6/2017, 8:09 am

Well folks any of you that might have been relying on our state so you can get you medicinal card for what 71% of the voter's approved will have to wait longer.

I followed this while they were formulating the guidelines. Our state congress at first only wanted it available in oil form. No smoking, vaping or edibles. Went to senate and they added vaping and edibles and passed it Thursday night. Particularly interesting in the senate (I was watching debates and votes) one senator down in mid or southern Florida stood up and said I don't care what 71% of the voter's of Florida want, the other 29% of us do not want any form of Marijuana in this state. The chamber's did come together on vaping and edibles but not smoking. Well I tried to quit smoking last year by vaping, mind you I smoke unfiltered cigarettes, so vaping I thought would be easier on my throat and lungs, the vaping was much stronger than smoking. I don't exactly know their stupid reason to allow vaping and not smoking.

Anyway the senate voted and passed their bill but not what the voter's wanted, I thought this was done because I missed a couple of session's and did not know it went back to congress yesterday (Friday morning), well our esteemed legislature let the rules making for Amendment 2 die last night. I don't know where it goes from here, but will not vote for any currently sitting legislature next election.

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2 Re: State Legislature medicinal mj on 5/6/2017, 9:26 am

Just may be not as bad as I thought, Healht department has to have rules set up by July and a few attorney's say it's easier to sue health dept than the legislature if it's not the put the together as the will of the voter's wanted.

sorry petty doped up this morning on valium leaving for a test in a little while. getting awful hard to type and make sense.

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