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Live press conference this afternoon

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Not able to pass legislation, Spicer starts the press conference bragging about more executive orders and bending over to big banks with the same. Thoughts and prayers for flood victims.........but executive orders which do just the opposite.

This is plain and simple propaganda.

Pre-existing conditions and 25k premiums is ignored as spicer just does not want to tell the truth. President Trump says there will be coverage. AARP says folks could be facing 25k premiums. Spicers says well......President Trump is doing a favor for pre-existing condition folks because Obamacare is going to fail and they will have no coverage.........Insanity.

Tax talk on the standard exemption is utter nonsense. He deflects the question about only wealthy getting tax breaks and then makes this specious argument of it helping the middle class. Insanity.

High risk pools will charge much are right......but our goal is going to lower those premiums. Insanity.

raising gas taxes for infrastructure. Spicer just cannot answer a straight question.

Open Russia group being targeted by Russian Government....would you like to comment. No.

A lot of Republican House members are quitting. We find that healthy.

Does the President favor breaking up the big banks? We have nothing to announce. insanity

Make no mistake, the wall will be built.

Honored to meet? He is a smart cookie? Spicer just cannot answer a question truthfully. It is all avoidance.

It is not a simple yes or no answer. I am done. This is insanity.

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I have had clients young and old that have paid as high as $25,000 premium's, the younger of course had a couple kids. I just took a couple off, one turning 65 and his spouse got a special enrollment for him cancelling the policy. They were not receiving a subsidy and had to have a gold plan. There combined premium was $3500 per month.

Now all these politician's are scammer's. For instance, Rick Scott is in the hospital business, he got Trump to sign an EO in the past couple days to give Florida 1.5 billion to help cover hospital costs for the ones who can't pay. Keep in mind this is the guy who wouldn't expand Medicaid and use Fed dollar's. Also Obama would not give him money to pay for hospital costs with the people who stuck them simply because of obamacare.

Well if the new bill is past and state's set up high risk pools then Florida will receive more dollar's to set up the pools. So in essence he is lining the pocket's of possibly himself after office and friends and also with all this money his bud dump is giving him we would have been better off with expanding Medicaid. Poor people won't be able to join the risk pools and we had a risk pool in the 90's that the state could not figure out how to run and it went belly up.

So instead of states having Medicaid dollar's everyone could have been covered they will now receive money to fund state pools no one can afford and get to keep the money.

You just can't make this shit up.

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Just How Corrupt Is Florida Governor Rick Scott?

Something is rotten in the state of Florida.


It's the million dollar question: Exactly how corrupt is Florida Governor Rick Scott?

The answer may be "beyond our wildest dreams." A new lawsuit brought by former Democratic candidate for state attorney general George Sheldon claims that Scott has failed to disclose about $200 million in assets on his state financial disclosure forms, instead using a "web of complex financial arrangements" to shuffle around the governor's various investments and "financial interests from public view." This gigantic nest egg may tie the Tea Party favorite and Skeletor lookalike to innumerable conflicts of interest and possibly instances of outright corruption.

Scott has officially disclosed about $132 million in holdings held in a blind trust, but the incompleteness of that disclosure looks pretty suspicious given that he's using a law he passed to partially shield his assets from public view. Sheldon's lawyers want to know what happened to the rest of the $300 million plus in stock he received as part of his severance package from his former employment at health care company Columbia/HCA.

If Scott has nothing to hide, then it's curious that he's fighting the lawsuit so furiously. His lawyers have branded the requests to disclose more information on trusts owned by him and his wife as "blatant harassment" and say the information Sheldon is requesting is "highly confidential." Essentially, they're arguing the Florida public has no right to know what whether or not Scott's holdings violate state ethics laws. Instead, the legal team says that Scott's financial disclosures should be handled by the state's ethics commission rather than the judicial system.

The perverted thing is that this is Florida, often considered one of the most corrupt states in the country, so Scott probably stands a good chance of getting away with it. The ethics commission his lawyers think should handle his financial disclosures is so weak that it's failed to collect half a million dollars in fines. Former Department of Law Enforcement commissioner Gerald Bailey told the New York Times that he was forced out of his job after "he refused to acquiesce to repeated requests by Governor Scott and his staff to violate policy, take political sides and, in one case, target a county clerk for something she had not done and then falsify a news release." His replacement, Rick Swearingen, spent three years supervising Scott's personal bodyguards.

Florida Republicans are a nasty bunch, and Scott is no different. During his tenure as CEO of Columbia/Hospital Corporation of America, Scott claims to have somehow missed that it was in the middle of committing what was then the largest Medicare fraud in history. The government slapped the company with a $1.75 billion fine. During the trial, Scott pleaded the Fifth Amendment not once, not twice, but 75 times.

Scott then essentially bought his way into office with $100 million of his own money and an agenda devoted to privatizing as many of the state government's functions as possible. One of those functions was prison health care. The governor's administration awarded Corizon Health a $1.2 billion contract in 2011 to run inmate health services, overlooking the fact that it had been sued 660 times for malpractice between 2008 and 2013. As a result, inmate death rates skyrocketed to a 10-year high. Scott's new prison budget includes no new money to investigate why. Al-Jazeera America notes that his administration has "overseen the destruction of natural springs, the sale of protected lands and the defunding of conservation."

Here's one example of the kind of conflicts of interest Scott might be trying to hide. The Tampa Bay Times tied Scott's aggressive support of mandatory drug testing for state employees and welfare recipients as well as his attempts to shrink Medicaid and the public health clinic system to $62 million in Solantic Corp. holdings he transferred to his wife. Solantic Corp. owns 32 urgent care centers that handle everything from emergency walk-ins to drug screening. It took a year of public pressure to get him to sell his stock.

In another conflict of interest, the Scott family is in a position to greatly benefit from a 474-mile pipeline being constructed for Florida Power & Light. His chief of staff had financial ties to Scott's All Aboard Florida project, which would build a rail system between Orlando and Miami. Scott previously rejected $2.4 billion in federal funding for a similar project that would have created 27,000 jobs.

Who knows what else could be lurking deep in the tangled web of Scott's finances, but $200 million is a whole lot of money, and Scott's record suggests a man with few ethics or moral principles. This could be a gubernatorial scandal that makes Chris Christie's Bridgegate look like a harmless prank.


Scott and Drumpf make a perfect pair.

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Floridatexan wrote:

the largest Medicare fraud in history.

No wonder they call us Floridiots.

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