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Devil Dog pups

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1 Devil Dog pups on 4/27/2017, 11:30 pm

When I was a kid, there was a youth group called the Devil Dog pups. It was strange how the clarity of my memories overcame me on my recent drive back to Illinois. I remember in 1963 it membership was only children of marines. The kids would march in local parades in these quasi military uniforms, and without taking a lot of grief for my thoughts, but every kid without exception was low IQ, and thought they were a bad asz and they were going to kick your asz. It was obvious even to us kids who were laughing at this phony tough guy military chit, but then you realized these kids were literally being abused by sick MF father's who were either drunks, failed jobs and careers, and sadistic as hell. Without exceptions everybody knew these kids were being abused by their fathers. They were the kids which would by the time they got to high school would fight in the parking lot, as everybody would go out to watch the tough guys, but they were neither tough, or normal. They were abused kids. One of my friends whose father has served in the South Pacific had him in the devil dog pups, and he did poorly in school, was beat regularly by his drunk father, and he went on to have failure after failure in his personal and business life. Yet, this military worship and pretend tough guy syndrome still is such an integral part of our culture even today when we have this mental abuse of children to think killing people and military adventurism is normal, and not some sad sick stigma. I remember the snickers of adults and kids as these drunkards and their wanabee tough guy kids would march in a parade with high school bands, scout troops, and floats. War and militarism is taught. It is learned. It is time to end this abusive tragedy.

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2 Re: Devil Dog pups on 4/28/2017, 7:37 am

Apparently they still exist in some form.

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3 Re: Devil Dog pups on 4/28/2017, 9:43 am


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4 Re: Devil Dog pups on 4/28/2017, 7:15 pm


I have no problem with a high school kid who decides that they want a military career. I have a world of problem with 10 and 11 year old children being taught to be tough and mean by ex military fathers wo pretty consistently are abusive losers. There is a big difference. Sadly, many kids in high school do not see any other viable alternatives than the military. They are not being trained into a militaristic society, but choosing a way to pay the bills. The American Military has become a mercenary volunteer force, and most who choose are doing so for survival. However, taking these children and abusing them with militaristic indoctrination smells of the Hitler youth movement where militarization became the highest order in a society. As a boy scout we just laughed at parade time because most of the fathers who were marching with their sons were chit faced and could hardly walk. The emblem on their flag was this ferocious looking a 10 year old kid needed to be taught to be mean and militaristic.

There has not been a credible threat to continental United States since 1812 and the militarization of this society was exactly what our founding fathers warned us about. War is taught.

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5 Re: Devil Dog pups on 4/29/2017, 12:55 am

Never heard oF the Devil Dog Pups. My brother did ROTC in college.

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6 Re: Devil Dog pups on 4/29/2017, 3:19 am

Joanimaroni wrote:Never heard oF the Devil Dog Pups.  My brother did ROTC in college.

Same here, on both counts.

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7 Re: Devil Dog pups on 4/29/2017, 8:23 am

Never heard oF the Devil Dog Pups.

They never were widespread, and were one sick organization which in my experience was abusing children. The Militarization of our society could very quickly still in our life time send us to horrors we would never imagine. The idea that we can decide who gets what weapon system or does what we want or we will send our 11 carrier groups to impose our imperial will on other people of the world is so obscene, not because it is, but because most Americans believe we are protecting America and ignore the horrors of children getting their feet blown off in Iraq because we think a bomb is going to kill ideas. We have become the world's evil one, and soon with our provocations, we will find out that we are about to let the genie out of the bottle where the America of our forefather's dreams never were for standing armies exporting war will expose the world to Nuclear war. If it was only Trump, it could be cured. It is deep seated sickness which is taught to our children.

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