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Disney, the Gap and Pepsi urged to quit US Chamber of Commerce

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Pressure on businesses from consumers has clout, note what's gone on at Fox. If scientists can't convince the business community that they need to get on board with climate change interventions perhaps the Chamber of Commerce will feel the heat, so to speak.

Disney, the Gap and Pepsi are being pressured to quit the US Chamber of Commerce, America’s largest lobby group, amid criticism of its big-money efforts to fight climate change legislation and promote tobacco products.

A coalition of pressure groups including Action on Smoking and Health, Greenpeace, Public Citizen and the Sierra Club have written to the CEOs of the three companies asking them to stop funding the powerful business group.

In a letter to Disney’s boss, Bob Iger, the coalition points to the media company’s commitment to reduce its net greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2020, its support of the Paris climate agreement and its ban on depictions of smoking in theme parks and all G, PG and PG-13 movies.

“Unfortunately, the US Chamber of Commerce is doing everything it can to block efforts to combat both climate change and anti-smoking laws and regulations. It opposes the Paris Agreement that you publicly support, is suing to block the implementation of the Clean Power Plan, consistently lobbies against legislation aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and spends millions of dollars in money on elections ads urging voters to back candidates who support the fossil fuel industry and oppose efforts to combat climate change,” they write.

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Time will tell. The planet does not care what anyone believes. It is just a biological, physical system that responds to conditions.

Companies, on the other hand may respond to people's demands and change their behavior based on what most people believe. If the Chamber is acting counter to the goals expressed by these companies they may want to take notice or risk loosing support.

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