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Volkswagen gets probation, ha ha ha...

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VW was sentenced to three years "organization probation" for what was described as "a case of deliberate and massive fraud" and NOBODY GOES TO JAIL!

They got a huge--$2.8 billion--fine but Big Friggin' Deal. They massage that with a bunch of creative accounting and it'll be about as painful as stubbed toe.

Until the criminal justice system starts putting some to these corporate criminals behind bars nothing's gonna change. The individuals that perpetrate these kinds of frauds suffer no real penalty unless they go to prison. Once they're convicted as felons and go to prison they lose the things most precious to them, power and status.

During the S&L crisis in the late '80s, William Black oversaw the criminal prosecution, conviction and imprisonment of hundreds of executives. Since Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II almost none.

Google William Black S&L crisis if you want to learn about it.

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