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Why do dogs become anxious with storms as they age

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For some reason the last five dogs we have owned all start to get afraid of storms at about four years of age. Before that they did not show the same distress with a storm. My current dog is now reacting to shotgun sounds which are common in our rural area, and thunder storms. In Navarre she just freaked with the thunder storms and now it appears she has brought that anxiety home. I guess I will have to read, but my prior dog around the same age had the same thing happen and really became frightened of storms in her old age.

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Sadly haven't owned a dog in far too long and don't have a clue about the thunder anxiety as we never ran into that.
Presume you're aware of the Thunder Shirt that so many people swear by as an anti-anxiety remedy for their pets. They're all over the Internet at various prices but here's the manufacturer's site for anyone interested (warning, auto play video so turn down your volume):

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Thunder Shirts help but dogs still get anxious and do not like being alone. We had a Sheba Inu and she could not tolerate a thunder storm, even wit hER shit, Someone had to always be with her or a family member had to go get her.

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