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Alabama Red Rock or Lava Rock?

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1 Alabama Red Rock or Lava Rock? on 4/11/2017, 6:02 pm

I'm re-doing these gardens and I'll be putting in one rock or the other. In my due diligence, the only diff I see is price & weight.

Besides those are there any other pros & cons?

Alabama red rock $800

Red lava rock $1500

Guess which way I'm leaning. Wink

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2 Re: Alabama Red Rock or Lava Rock? on 4/11/2017, 7:06 pm

I get a 20 cubic yard dump truck full of Alabama gray rock for about 800 bucks. I can get the same truckload of limestone in Illinois for about 150 bucks. Rock is expensive in the Panhandle, but I see a really good limestone mix that they are using on 87 as the underlayment before the blacktop, and that is more like Illinois limestone, but I have No idea where they get it. The Marrietta Corp has a rail depot where they drop the rock from the rail cars and a conveyor transfers it to huge piles. Total rip off. They also have the port which gets white limestone chips which looks good on a driveway when mixed with white sand, but again.....way too expensive. I have never seen red Alabama rock. I would call around, but it depends on the quantity.

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