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The new Trump era business model...

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26 Re: The new Trump era business model... on 4/11/2017, 12:48 pm

Meanwhile in Columbus Ohio...

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Something no one in the airline industry wants to acknowledge is that they can almost directly be blamed for the attack on 9/11.

Back in the '70s there were scores of airline hijackings. The Federal government finally got involved and instituted the procedures that were in place pre-9/11.

One of the things the FAA wanted the airlines to do was to harden the cockpits, among other measure--ala Israel--because of all the terrorist-related hijackings.

Naturally the US airline companies started squealing and bleating and buying more lobbyists and that idea died because it was claimed that it would be too expensive.

In other words, if the airlines had been less concerned with their bottom lines and had hardened the cockpit doors like the FAA wanted them to in the '70s 9/11 WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED!

The airline industry is another example of the typical corporate mindset--that the bottom line is everything. This is, of course, horseshit. A corporation's first duty is to greater good. That's why they are given the extraordinary privilege of limited liability by the state--so that the organization's actions will benefit the citizens. If they can make a profit while they're doing it, fine but limited liability is NOT a free lunch.

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