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I have watched over three hours of local tv and not one damn lawyer commercial

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The Panhandle is the twilight zone with the lawyer commercials. I do not know any bar association which would not report the crass unprofessional commercials to the Supreme Court for disciplinary action. It is getting more obnoxious, and why the local tv stations are so morally void or broke to take that garbage and put it on the air is beyond me. There are few informative commercials, but it is the sheer volume which is so obscene. Alternative facts and lawyer commercials have numbed an entire region from even recognizing how out there it is. 4 out of 5 of the digital tv stations are church stations. Local news has infomercials which are blatant right wing propaganda. Anchors say outlandish biased things politically, and there is no outrage, or counter facts. Pro sports coverage is non existent. These regional and cultural differences are deep seated and growing. President Trump's election was just the tip of the iceberg of what is coming. All I have seen for three months are neighborhood shootings, fire deaths, car wrecks every where, and horrible dart throwers pretending to do the weather.

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Thankfully our backwoods redneck area has some excellent attorneys. Attorneys that are highly intelligent and professional. For you to point out a handful of ridiculous ads is wrong. 

As for shootings and are right in the thick of it, Chicago.

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I am even seeing reputable law firms advertising in the panhandle.  It is obscene, and when good firms have to lower their standards into the swamp is awful.  I live in rural northwest Illinois and do not watch Chicago local TV.  I do NOT hear anything close to the shootings, fire deaths, and robberies I hear every day from Pensacola and Mobile local TV stations.   I am still watching local tv waiting to see if one lawyer commercial will be played.   I have seen them, but they are rare.  I have seen restaurant commercials, bank commercials, furniture ads, cellular phone commercials, and auto commercials.  I know some panhandle lawyers who NEVER have advertised, but what a fricking swamp of unacceptable lawyer commercials.

By the way......I watched the local stations cover pro baseball, pro hockey, and NBA basketball.   They have a minor league baseball team and hockey team which they covered, but they covered the pro sports arena.  Not one damn story on South Alabama spring football, or some kid from Century going to Northeast La to go to school next year.  The cultural differences in this country are real.  Farmers are not looking to get something for nothing.   Their families work hard and do NOT support commercials which talk chit, yet with an entire area on the government dole the TV only reflects the culture. Of course I am being captain obvious.....and have this itsy bitsy check because I did not try to get something for nothing in the lawyer lottery of the Panhandle.

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I watched the NBC local affiliate, and I did not see ONE lawyer commercial all day. Dear God does anybody else agree that Pensacola is the center of ambulance chasing cheap tawdry obscene get something for nothing solicitations? A whole culture looking to get more federal dollars, or a big buck from an insurance company. That culture is taught. It is the same culture which looks with disdain at my wife and I with work clothes on where we are actually doing hard physical work and pulling lumber at Lowes. We are just too stupid to know that respectable white people do not do physical hard work and that is for somebody else to do. I see multi millionaires in there overalls every day working from sunrise to sunset driving 15 year old cars who would be judged by a society which has evolved which wants something for nothing. The lawyer commercials are but an indicator of the problem, and those same farmers do not judge a person by their color or religion.....they judge a person by their work ethic, and they do not seek a job on the government teat.....they work their entire lives and are self sufficient.

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Watching two hours this morning, and not one damn lawyer commercial on local NBC affiliate. Universal studios, fiber supplements, walmart, cell phones, car commercials, dog food, orange juice, frosted flakes, chap stick, belvita breakfast biscuits, allergy medcine, chocolate gold bunnies, local embrodery shop, window world, auto glass, and smuckers. Culture begins by people objecting to obscenity being passed as legitimate commercials. If people do not threaten to quit watching local tv until they take that garbage off the air, the get something for nothing attitude which is so pervasive will continue to grow.

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It finally happened. A lawyer commercial, but I chit you not......a fricking Morgan and Morgan commercial trying to sign people up for a class action against a drug company.....dear god the fricking lawyer commercials have followed me from the panhandle.....morgan and morgan in

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