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Hilton overpriced and a bit nasty for my liking

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Our friends were paying 300 a night. I have only paid that rate in Las Vegas to stay at a top end hotel. Their experience was not good. They had no towels. When they tried to get towels at the front desk, it took hours to get towels. They only had one partial roll of toilet paper in the their room, and once again had to go to the desk for more TP and were once again met with indifference. They had an AC unit in their bedroom which was loud and never shut off despite what they set the thermostat. Again, a visit to the front desk and more indifference.

We saw drunk twenty something folks carrying coolers up to rooms. We saw human feces in the elevator. (a prank or a child, but it remained in the elevator for hours) A very nice poolside bar, but what they paid for drinks was obscene and could not be legitimized at a top notch place, when this clearly was a dive.

The next day when I saw their bathroom, it was worn and it was in the new tower. The towels were thread bare and we are used to staying at Harrahs in Metropolis where a room is $120 and the bathrooms were three or four levels above the Hilton. We have stayed at the days Inn on PB with the kids before and felt that the two were comparable, but the Hilton was triple the price.

The convention center was full with different organizations, and it appears that they can sell out rooms regardless of how utterly classless this facility is for the price. The beach approach and pool were nice. The public bathroom in the convention center was spotless. However, the clientele the three days we were there were a lot of drunks and a very young crowd which I could not understand them affording 300 bucks a night. I guess daddy has money, as we saw a bottle of whiskey with security people around it broken on the floor near the elevator.....I was getting the sense that I used to have when staying at Panama city during spring break.....a place I would not return. We did find something which peaked our interest in the convention hall way which was a unique wall treatment which looked like white waves sculpted into the wall. It turned out to be panels which were eight feet by four feet and were very striking as a wall treatment.

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