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Great dinner at Flounders

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1 Great dinner at Flounders on 4/4/2017, 11:31 am

I like Cobia and had it naked grilled, and it was delicious. I was with friends who saw me take a bet twenty years ago that I could eat three of their key lime pie pieces. I had been drinking. I did it. About three in the morning I had uncontrolled hiccups and more key lime pie. Well, we shared two desserts one cheese cake, and one key lime pie last night and then returned to their hotel and watched the game. About second quarter, I started with the hiccups......this time I had not been drinking, and I only had about a 1/4 of the pie and did not get sick. Seaoat and Flounder key lime pie do not get along. I am going to try to run the bobcat today after just about a week crashing from the surgery. I will see how long I can last.....running out of time as we leave thursday. I am hopeful I can return at the end of April if my wife can get one of the kids to cover for her business responsibilities for a week.

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2 Re: Great dinner at Flounders on 4/4/2017, 11:35 am

I did a little chain sawing of an oak tree this morning and am so backed up from taking pain pills last night that the gut pain exceeds the liver pain.......four stool softners and those damn opiates still mess with me. The good news is that the pain pills helped get me out of the chair......only have two left, but will leave thursday and have almost a bottle remaining at home because I do not take them. I will have to check out a prescription stool softner, but it probably has side effects like growing a beard and becoming a mean old man.

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3 Re: Great dinner at Flounders on 4/4/2017, 2:56 pm


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4 Re: Great dinner at Flounders on 4/5/2017, 1:22 am

I like cobia, too, and it's running right now so what you had was likely fresh out of the Gulf just off PBeach. Flounders really knows how to prepare fish. Best red snapper grillers in the world, IMHO. We also enjoy the stuffed flounder (MUCH better dish now than just a couple of years ago), but it's extremely filling and best shared by two, maybe with an extra order of asparagus. Their oven roasted "new potatoes" are the best and the serving is generous.
As for ever having eaten three of their obscenely large key lime pie slices, you're lucky to have lived through it.

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5 Re: Great dinner at Flounders on 4/5/2017, 11:57 am

I have told this story before, but it is appropriate. My wife was going to have some girl friends over for lunch and they were going to go shopping. She bought a cake to serve for dessert. I come in and only one piece of the cake was eaten by the girls, so I figured I would have some cake. I eat the whole cake. All of a sudden I am upstairs, and I hear......"seaoat" in a stern voice, what did you do to the cake. Apparently, they decided to shop first and eat lunch after shopping. The girls had seen the cake before they left and one had a piece, and none of them could believe I could eat a cake that size by myself.........I told my wife, but a piece was missing and I thought lunch was over and nobody wanted any cake.

I became a dessert legend after that......people would always order double desserts when we went out. I would simply absorb desserts. I just finished a banana creme pie yesterday by myself. I am dying, but I still love my desserts. Something in Flounder's key lime pie causes the hiccups with me. I think I am done with their key lime. The cheesecake was delicious.

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