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Who's happy? Norway in No. 1 spot, America falls again ...

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Now we're 14th in the list of happy citizens.  Norway moves to the Number 1 spot.  Are you happy about living in today's America?  Talk about stress!  Wars, poverty, racism, a government nobody trusts, a president who may be a Russian agent and who claims he's for the working man while raising taxes on the middle and lower classes and cutting them for the ultra rich.  Healthcare that costs more and delivers less than any other civilized country in the world.  Unending, unwinnable wars, and a military whose budget means no more school lunches for poor people, and no more Meals on Wheels for our elderly who live in poverty either.  Militarized, quick-to-shoot police forces who present themselves as enemies of the people.  I don't know about you, but I'm surprised we rank as high as 14th on the list of happy citizens.

And don't tell me to leave, it's my country too, and I really want to see it heal.  

According to the latest FOX News poll, Bernie Sanders is the most popular political figure in America right now.  So what else is new?

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PkrBum wrote:

I see you have, as usual, nothing productive to add to the discussion.

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Floridatexan wrote:
PkrBum wrote:Excuse me while I pop another dozen steroids.

I see you have, as usual, nothing productive to add to the discussion.

His interruptions are of no particular merit and they disjoint conversations between sober, intelligent members.

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