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Has anybody planted tall decorative grasses

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We are looking for a nursery which supplies the decorative grasses which grow to about eight feet. We planted some in Navarre in 2005 and they look great now, but the place we bought them is out of business. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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We bought 14 three gallon tall grasses at a landscape place in East Milton by the intersection of 90 and 87. They assured us they are drought resistance and can tolerate being wet. We sodded around the plantings which when mature will be four foot by four foot clumps of decorative grass. I will take a photo in early April after they take.

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Will look forward to seeing the pics. Glad you found a source and sorry I couldn't help. Our only land is our yard and ever since Ivan we've left it 'natural' - i.e., sandy and weedy. No nursery knowledge here. Smile

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Here's a link to a slideshow of ornamental grasses, which I love.  I have grown lemon grass, which is green and only gets about 3" high, but it's wonderful in cooking.  The dog ate mine (no kidding).  My neighbor has a whole bunch of one of tops...and it's really pretty.  These are great for the beach. Check out this one:

Northern Sea Oats

This fast-spreading species is loved for its interesting seed heads, which hang off the stems and look like wind chimes. Note: It is a fast spreader, so plant with care.

Name: Chasmanthium latifolium

Growing Conditions: Full sun or part shade and well-drained soil

Size: To 3 feet tall

Zones: 5-9

Plant This Grass Because: Its seed heads are great in fall.

Native to North America: Yes

Learn more about growing northern sea oats.

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