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moving my stuff out of my office of 34 years

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The docs are giving me a pretty good time limit on my cancer and I might make next April if I am extremely lucky, so I have decided to go semi retired in one business interest. I have given up my office and will put a desk in the corner of the building which I sold to a CPA ten years ago anticipating retirement. It was hard going through files and going back 32 years I was in that office. The dust and dirt behind things was horrible. I never did a deep clean. One of the people I share the office space with will take my office which was larger than his office so he is excited. I am just taking a corner. It gives my daughter, son, and wife relief they did not have to clean up after I pass. We got a few file cabinets, a small desk, a computer, scanner, and printer in the corner. I will be burning files and with each one a little bit of me will go up in smoke, but I feel lucky to know what is coming and having apparently enough time and strength to finish this up. I was sad as I read a transcript for a memorial service where I was the speaker which I found under a pile of files. He played professional football in Canada and I owned the building with him for 25 years, and he died suddenly of stomach took us years to dump his files. Kinda a sad day, but life goes on.

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I know you say you're happier than you've ever been and all that jazz, but I don't care -- this is just HARD stuff for anyone to go through.

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Actually, my wife and I have been downsizing since I became Ill eight years ago, and we have found out with less you do revert back to childhood when material things did not matter. It also simplifies. The simplification leads to incredible happiness as you spend time with grandchildren, friends, and nature. I look at my corner with a small desk and everything I need and wonder if the larger office was just an excuse to pile things up. The funny thing is that I had pretty good January and February despite being out of the office three out of four weeks each month. I will spend this afternoon loading the trailer with five thousand pound four foot by eight foot floats which can support a house boat which I use for docks on the islands, but since selling our boats to make things simple, we can use the floats to build a work platform to build over three hundred feet of seawall. I doubt I will live long enough to install all of the vinyl, but I think I can install the new posts which support the vinyl bulkheads. Also, we are running out of funds to make all the improvements on the islands and the project in Florida. I have not borrowed any money to do the same, but we have been emptying our savings and will probably have to slow down. I feel good that after I pass my wife should have good cash flow from the projects, or she can sell them, but we are getting down to the nitty gritty since I got really whacked in the crash of 2008. Just make lemonade from lemons and keep on is great.

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