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Extended Interview: Jorge Ramos Talks Race with Jared Taylor

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The guy wants America to return to 1965 where Leave it to Beaver is the standard. Sorry, we all have racial identity, but some of us are not that damn fearful of people who look a little different. I now have two mixed race children on my daughter in laws side of the family who all come to our family changes your racial identity when a child who does not look like you is part of your happened to President Bush 1 with Jeb's kids and it will happen probably at least with one of my grandchildren. The idea that diversity is bad is absurd. The American economic model begs to differ. In the end the man is just a polite KKK member whose reasonable conversation does not hide his belief that other races are inferior to the white race. I have heard he believes Asia is more civilized than white society, and that blacks can never be civilized as evidenced by the break down in NO during Katrina.......absent the hood and all that talk of common sense does not hide his ugly ideas.

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