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I just found out something my son did in High school

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Our house was where the kids all came over, and my son had a band where he was the drummer. We never thought much about it as they practiced in our basement, and my son moved his bedroom down to the basement as his current wife began coming over his sophomore year, and we would not let them close the bedroom door. I was called hitler by all the kids because I had rules and expected them to be followed. Both kids turned out great, and have started great families. Now the surprise.

When we built the house where my son's surprise was found, I built a massive vault underground where the front stoop was. I poured concrete walls and suspended steel roofing sheathing and poured the front porch. In doing so we created this ten by twelve solid concrete room which was underground outside the footprint of the basement. I then took an oak bookcase and put four caster wheels on the bookcase and built stud walls and drywall around the moveable bookcase, and beyond that I built a steel door frame so we had a storm shelter and safe room off our finished basement. Well my wife was doing the laundry which was on the second floor when she went to the basement to get any of my son's dirty clothes. Well down there she noticed a heavy duty extension cord going along the wall into the hidden safe room. She moves the bookcase, opens the steel door, and my son had established a grow room for pot in his senior year in high school. I guess I knew he had experimented as did the kids in his band, but the room was full of plants and they had huge light set up. My wife yanks up the plants and destroys them, and hides the grow lights, and never tells me or my son what she did. She mentioned to my daughter to tell my son that his pot growing days were over. I heard this story for the first time tonight, and my son is now 35. Now as I look at it in hindsight.....what would you expect from a drummer.

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