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Pawn shop TV ads

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1 Pawn shop TV ads on 1/15/2017, 12:37 pm

I can honestly say that in 65 years I had not seen pawn shop tv ads until I spend time in Santa Rosa County. It is mind boggling. Either the cost of TV ads in the panhandle are so cheap that this type of business finds it profitable to advertise, or the Pawn system in this region has replaced conventional community banking. I have never seen such poverty and dependence on the government teat anywhere I have lived in my life. I mean the ad I just watched was a pawn shop selling a handgun, and this cartoon bubble pops up next to the customers head, and he thinks.......with the money I am saving on the gun, I might be able to buy my wife some jewelry. Dear god the cultural divide in America may be too far right now to bridge. My father was an avid outdoors man who belonged to gun clubs and took us to his club after church every Sunday. However, this idea of the gun being so culturally important and with little to do with sport or safety which I grew up with makes me feel so isolated when I am visiting here. I grew up with southern culture. My family never flew a confederate flag. They all worked in private industry and never were on the government teat. During the depression my grandfather had his days working cut down to two a week, because rather than laying people off they shared hours as a railroad engineer, and they grew vegetables and raised chickens and worked like hell......I do not recognize the people I loved as a child or the culture of self sufficiency which has migrated into this dependence on government, and contradictory political beliefs and racism. Pawn shop ads are a complete culture shock for me which since living in Mexico, I have seldom felt so strongly about that gap in culture.

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2 Re: Pawn shop TV ads on 1/21/2017, 12:11 am

I am so sick of lawyer commercials I can scream. This lawyer in Alabama is bragging about how many offices he has. I have never seen such mind numbing stupid commercials in my life.

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