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Golden Dragon Navarre

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1 Golden Dragon Navarre on 1/13/2017, 9:23 pm

My wife caught a cold so we decided to pick something up tonight and read the reviews on a couple chinese was totally dissed, and the other had complaints about timely orders and delivery. We tried the Golden Dragon based on a review from some guy in Michigan who said it was better than what he had seen in the Detroit Area and he had recommended the Mongolian Beef. I had it and it was very good and the quality of the meat was surprising, but my only complaint is about 30% of the container was onions. I love the flavor of onions but since I got sick it throws my system off, so I spent all my time scrapping this huge pile of onions off what was a pretty good chinese pick up. We will go back, but I think I am going to ask for NO onions. I am waiting to see if I will have any issues, but damn it was good.

I really have a bitch with how Wal Mart came into Navarre and never had to pay for widening of a business lane to Panhandle on 98. 98 is as unsafe of a road as I have seen anywhere in the country. They had an opportunity to lessen the overcrowding to allow Navarre people to take the back way to residence instead of piling on 98. The other bitch is drainage. I have never seen a swamp like Navarre North of 98. I do not see how the people do not revolt and form their own city government and fix all the mistakes the County committed when allowing development. It is a total Cluster, and after forty years of watching 98 become worse and worse, nothing is on the Horizon. The four lanes of 87 North to Interstate 10 is now half way over the river with the new bridge, and this will be a huge plus for Hurricane evacuation. Also they are doing a great job on 10 giving more lanes to allow an evacuation to go east or west without a bottleneck. 87 is a home run, but 98 is a time bomb.

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