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Pensacola man arrested for bestiality

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The family pit bull's name was 'Baby Girl,' and he had raped the dog over 100 times during the course of 3 years.

A rape kit was used by a vet to determine the dog had been abused.

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I saw that.  How disgusting!

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There are a multitude of options for sexual release and urges which do not involve hurting an animal, but it appears that pit bulls reputation for being mean dogs at least in one case may have a justification. I have no tolerance for people who harm animals and with a domesticated dog who is a family pet, to betray that animals trust to be safe and sheltered. So many problems with personalities and conduct often are rendered to sexual maladjustment. I once had a professor said we would live in a much less violent society if prostitution was legal, and was conducted with the parties on equal footing and not another exercise in exploitation. How many kids who end up in jail have built up aggression because of a lack of a constructive outlet for sexual urges. A family dog is simply unacceptable and harmful to the dog and the participant. The criminal justice system probably is a first step, but this guy needs some psychological intervention.

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It's sick out there and getting sicker.

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It certainly is!

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