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Ilinois truck testing for safety

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1 Ilinois truck testing for safety on 12/29/2016, 9:06 pm

My wife and I have a one ton chevy dump truck. I have not brought it down to Pensacola since Dennis when neighbors wanted me to help clean up the neighborhood. It gets eight miles to the gallon and it really bounces and has a rough ride for the driver and passenger, and is real tough on the liver.

In October I rented a Bobcat for a day as I had eight hours of work and more, and the bouncing around really aggravated my tailbone. So this time down I have three weeks, and then three weeks in February, and then three weeks in March and have about 40-60 hours of machine time. Now I will be able to work an hour, and rest a few hours so the wear and tear on my tailbone will be eased.

Well I am going to load my bobcat into the bed as I sold my equipment trailer, and I just need to build a ramp on one project, and will use a raised septic mound to unload in Navarre. So our safety sticker was only good through 2016, so my wife takes the truck over to a safety lane testing facility in a town about twenty miles away as we live in a rural area and you have to travel to this safety testing lanes. Well on top of every truck which is over 3/4 of a ton they are required to have five amber lights which are called locator lights because they allow big trucks in a two lane highway to see a bigger truck and move over to give each truck more room to pass and narrow the probabilities of side collisions. Well one of those lights were out because I had taken a large old water heater to the metal yard, and the chain unhooked from the lull and banged it against the roof breaking one of lens on the lights allowing water infiltration and burning out the light bulb. It failed the test, and we have to wait until the morning.

I send my wife to Napa thinking it was a no brainer, and honest to god they could not help her without the lightbulb. So I go to another Napa store and they give me this song and dance about they do not have the lightbulb because they do not know what the part number is, I pull out my phone and in thirty seconds I give them the Chevy part number from my phone.........they tell me they will get the part Friday morning, and I finally say are you telling me you do not have a lightbulb for ten years of GM trucks in stock, and the guy goes, I do not know if it will fit without the light bulb. So I pull the lens and stop at ace hardware and tape the amber lens to fix the water infiltration and bring the bulb in and ask my wife to walk around the store because we are getting a run around and the school teacher brings over light bulbs which are close and probably will work, and we buy them.

I then drive 100 yards to an auto zone, and within thirty seconds of walking in they had the right light bulb. I go back to the truck and pop it in and put the repaired lens in, and we will test again at 7am, and start heading south at noon if I can get the bobcat into the bed of the truck. The point is we wasted about an hour. This happened right after stopping in a national bank to do a sixty day IRA rollover and after one half hour of utter ignorance the banker said you cannot do a rollover unless it is from bank to bank.....I simply said if a banker does not know the IRS rules on something as basic and simple as a 60 day rollover, we need to go to another bank....another half hour lost, and finally my 2:30 appointment I walk into the home and my customer who was on hospice died thirty minutes earlier from Breast cancer......I had know her since she was 10 years old and her emancipated body was on the hospital bed in the living room.......I guess I have lost patience, and just sometimes cannot figure life out. Life sometimes masks the important things with stupid hassles. I spoke with her three days earlier and could not understand how I was dealing with the bone met pain and I explained that I was early in the cycle, yet when I saw her lying there lifeless, I just became angry......I have been short with the wife, the dog, and anybody else.........cancer sucks.

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Well the back fuel pump in the duel fuel tanks in the chevy dump truck cost $450 with an oil change, but because the full back tank would not balance, we had to stop 9 times for gas as the truck only gets 8mph. At least I now have time to do it myself, and being it is a dump truck the ease of access to the front tank now will allow me to drop in a knock off part, but with the speedometer not working I am going to have to play with electric cognections and test the components.......they were suppose to scan the error codes, but I will read up on utube and over the next couple weeks see if I can do it myself. Not taking the truck or bobcat back until April, and hope I can keep it to five gas stops.

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