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Radio shack

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1 Radio shack on 12/14/2016, 8:10 pm

I am converting everything in our time in Florida to digital. So We are mounting a seventy mile digital antenna to the house probably tonight after dinner. We will only extend it about five feet above the crest of the roof, as I do not want to deal with a tower. When we are in Milton, our channel scan can get thirty free stations, and the one I really enjoy is ME TV which shows old tv series. I actually watch that from my office monitor when I am working.

Well, we have some long runs of cable, so I wanted to put a four port amplifier on the digital antenna. I go to Radio Shack at about 5pm, and the guy was either going to dinner or closing the store for the night. I mean I remember in college around Christmas our home town Radio Shack was full of people. Nobody was in the store. Well the man lets me in and asks what I want, and I tell him that I want an amplifier for a digital antenna. They have an interior booster for thirty bucks, but it is double the price of WalMart's single amplifier. It is no wonder the store is empty. I will have to order an amplifier from and online cable store where I can get a four port amplifier so all the TVS in the house can get clear digital local stations.

I am just excited as can be with the Roku unit. I just prepaid a month $20 for Slinger TV where I now get everything I got on Direct TV cable channels. I am paying $14 for HBO, and I got the NBA package for the bulls so I will not miss a bulls game regardless of where I am.

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2 Re: Radio shack on 12/14/2016, 8:27 pm

The Radio Shack in GB closed several years ago.

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3 Re: Radio shack on 12/14/2016, 10:17 pm

Those thirty free stations are crappy. I got the interior booster when I had an antenna and it didn't work very well. You only get a few really good channels because that's all that is around here.

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4 Re: Radio shack on 12/15/2016, 2:08 am

I have never been anywhere in America where there are so many quality signals on Church or religious TV stations. I mean over half the available on the air digital signals take you to a religious station, and I find it very informative how strong and clear the signals are on these stations.

I am very pleased about getting the local channels clearly, and getting great choices on the cable channels. Our direct TV had four receivers, HBO, ICF, the standard group of cable channels we now get on sling tv, and I had all the Bulls games for $120. We now will put up a digital TV antenna, and have two Roku connections to the TVs which will allow us to stream on our DSL. All we will do now is bring down our Roku usb memory sticks and boom, we are not paying a hundred bucks plus a month for TV, but are able to use our home system where we are traveling. We spend about two weeks in south Florida each year, and now will have all our TV, including the Bulls games. I have used boosters for forty years and they are limited on what they can do. We are sixty eight miles from Mobile as the crow flies and the outdoor antenna only goes seventy miles, so we get fewer stations in Navarre than we do in Milton area. After this year, we should have our winter set up in the Milton area as we are using one of our rental houses this winter doing remodeling and upgrading.

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5 Re: Radio shack on 12/15/2016, 2:14 am

Joanimaroni wrote:The Radio Shack in GB closed several years ago.

I thought for sure they were all closed.   Shows how much I know.

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6 Re: Radio shack on 12/17/2016, 11:57 am

What year is it? People still go to Radio Shack?

I approve this message.
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