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I have been crying for 15 minutes

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1 I have been crying for 15 minutes on 12/3/2016, 11:42 am

You will need to google wife brings coyote pup into house, but this woman tricks her husband with photo shop that while he was gone on a business trip she brought a puppy into the house. The exchange between the husband and wife via text as he is trying to explain that she did not bring a puppy into the house, but a coyote had my wife and I in tears from laughing for 15 minutes.....these kind of belly laughs are rare, but the dialogue was so closed to how we talk to each other that we became hysterical.

we were laughing so hard that the dog hid in the closet......I think she really though we were crying.

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The reason this is so funny to us is two years ago we had a big adventure with the grandaughters about trapping a coyote puppy. The looks on their face when I brought a garbage bag into the bedroom where they were positioned with a glove on one hand and the other hand behind their back, was exactly what the husband was saying, but being they were six and four, they just thought their papa was crazy. The gags we play on family members are the lasting memories of our life. The wife in this case is the kind of woman I would love to spend a couples weekend where she would give me chit......priceless creativity.

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I subscribe to a Facebook page for lost and found animals in the Pensacola area.  Last year a woman errantly submitted a bobcat to the lost and found page, as if it were a house cat.   She found it off of 12th ave in that large park in the Cordova Park area.   I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and had to do a double take.  I scroll back up and can obviously tell that the animal is not house broken.  It was wounded so that was the only reason she was able to approach it.  But it clearly was not a house cat.  The comments were hilarious.

"Uh...that's a bobcat."

I approve this message.
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4 Re: I have been crying for 15 minutes on 12/4/2016, 12:44 am

I saw that  Seaoat.

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Joanimaroni wrote:I saw that  Seaoat.

So, what was your reaction, Joani? Did you laugh, or cry, or say, "Meh," or what?

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i saw that on FB last night and yes laughed, but did not cry.

Boards I saw that on the lost and found and cracked up at that.

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