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Thanksgiving.......a time to appreciate family

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We will be going to our daughter's home on Wed. where my wife will help with some of the preparations. It will be quite crowded this year with the two of us, my son's family of four, my daughter's family of four, my sil sister's family of five, and my sil's dad for a total of 16 in a smaller house. We are bringing our dog who will visit with her sister where they have a fenced in back yard, and at least if the weather cooperates the seven kids can play outside. I go to the basement and sleep in a lazy boy. However, it is short lived because the kids pile downstairs and play before and after dinner. They know to just play around me and ignore the old guy in the chair. I have seen amazing things with the way kids who do not know each other can communicate in these strange languages which they all seem to understand.

It is a precious time, of laughs and tension. I guess that is what a family is, and that is what I am most thankful to still be here to sit in the basement another year.

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Family makes Thanksgiving. I am so fortunate to have all my children and grandchildren in Gulf Breeze. With our family and extended family we will have around 20-24 people. I wouldn't have it any other way. Tradition!

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