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You Have to Pay to See the Blue Angels Now....

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If you want a seat on the flight line, there is a cost. Otherwise, you stay off the flight line with the unwashed masses.

I have seen the Blues so many times that I am uninterested in traveling to the beach or over to NAS Pensacola to see them again.

In 1982 and again in 1983, I flew a TH-57 over to NAS Cecil Field, near Jacksonville to participate in the static displays during their Blue Angels air show. It was always fun to walk around there in a flight-suit and be treated well. Participating aircrews ate for free at one of the food booths and people were always friendly.

In 1985, I was stationed in California again, and I took my new wife to the Blue Angles airshow at MCAS El Toro. As we neared the base, I saw this large pall of smoke. I asked a Marine at the gate what that fire was from, and he told us a privately-owned WWII plane had taken off and crashed into the base chapel. Wifey and I were married in that chapel 3 months earlier. We drove over and saw fire fighters extinguishing the embers on a burned-down chapel.

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Paying for a seat on the flight line (bleachers or tents) is not new. It's been in effect for at least several years, if not longer. Am not sure why you're apparently complaining about this since you've expressed no interest in watching them again, Z.

We usually watch from the beach, of course, but did do the NAS Homecoming show one year a while back and were indeed among the great unwashed -- a very congenial crowd, btw. We could see the aerial maneuvers just fine (and were closer to the food! lol) but I did tell hubby that if we did it again I'd want to spring for a seat in the flight line bleachers (don't recall how much it was but really NOT expensive), or if we were flush at the time I'd love to rent one of the tents or stalls or whatever they call them.

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When the show's at NAS, it's great viewing from Ft. Pickens. It's been a while since I attended a Blue Angels show, but I've seen them my whole life. If possible, I try to make the rehearsal before the actual show.

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You always had to pay to see the Blue Angels. You only get to see the Red Devils for free. Twisted Evil

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Beach shows are still free.

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Best view of beach show was on top(roof) of Dunes .

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