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Got My DNA Results from

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1 Got My DNA Results from on 10/14/2016, 4:11 pm

I am 71% Western European, 20% Irish, 4% British, 1% Spanish, and less than 1% Italian/Greek, Scandinavian, Finnish/Russian and European Jewish.

My sister in California was the first to be tested, then my daughter Brooke did it, and she bought a test kit for my wife, who has been having other family members tested. The test kits cost around $99 each, and make unique birthday gifts, etc. Wifey has now gotten her mom, our oldest daughter, and some of her sisters, and tagged me, too. Two of the grandkids have birthdays this month, so she will also test them. The kits test saliva, and all you have to do is refrain from eating for 30 minutes and build up some spit.

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Mine showed 100% from Easter Island.........I guess I have turtle in my past, but boy could we carve statues.

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