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Canadian Mint Employee Steals $180K Worth of Gold by Hiding it in His Rectum

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Mint employee may have smuggled gold where the sun don't shine

They found a big jar of Vaseline in his locker after he was caught. After he started his thefts, he had been setting off the metal detector leaving his job more than usual, but no evidence was ever found on his person. His bank fingered him to his employer after it noticed his account rising unexplainably. He had been selling the coins to a dealer.

The mint later verified his form of transport by having another employee test it out for them. LOL!

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lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!

Ouch that has to hurt.

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ZVUGKTUBM wrote: His bank fingered him

I bet they did.

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His urologist would have loved him when he did the prostate exam, hitting gold?

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Well, I always said certain people seem to think their chit is gold plated, and I guess now I know how they could've accomplished it.

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