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Another one bites the dust! 17-Year-Old Home Invasion Suspect Did Not Survive Shotgun Blast

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Another one bites the dust!

Coroner: 17-Year-Old Home Invasion Suspect Did Not Survive Shotgun Blast

by AWR HAWKINS15 Sep 201672

Chief Deputy Coroner Charlie Boseman says a 17-year-old home invasion suspect did not survive the shotgun blast that greeted him early Thursday morning.
The incident on Sugar Hill Street in Anderson County, South Carolina.

According to WYFF, Boseman said the suspect–Demacio Robertson–and two other individuals “broke into the home” around 2 am. Once inside, Robertson moved toward the back of the house “and was shot through the bedroom door.”

Boseman said that Robertson “stumbled outside and was found in the yard.” He was pronounced dead approximately 35 minutes later at a local hospital.

WSPA reports that Robertson “was shot in the stomach with a shotgun.” The two other suspects fled upon hearing the blast. One individual has since been “detained” for questioning and the hunt for the other suspect is ongoing.

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