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Good News

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76 Re: Good News on 9/8/2016, 3:01 pm

Joanimaroni wrote:
PkrBum wrote:It sure would be nice to know wtf is going on.

Let's make a pact folks... if you are facing something like this you have family or a friend keep us updated.
Please, Seaoat and Ppaca included.

And you, and me, and Pkrbm, and Markle, and whomever else is nursing some malady.

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77 Re: Good News on 9/8/2016, 3:53 pm

Well I passed completely out after I typed this morning. I had just come home from scan and didn't even know what I was doing, luckily my wife drove home or I'd still be lost somewhere in Pensacola, lol.

The time is getting last but he had said it was scheduled for this afternoon and from reading about brain surgery's I gather they take hours sometimes to complete. If we here nothing by around 6 I will call his friend.

BTW I want to put a plug in for Pensacola Open MRI on Davis when leads to why I take an anxiety pill before a scan. I have had in the past 10 years several pelvi abdominal ct scans and contrast dye for a lung scan. This previous ones are what let to this anxiety because of verocity they shot the dye into me. The rush was like smoking 20 joints at one time and immediate. Never liked that. I had been told by 3 different techs that dye has to shot into you in 12 seconds and that was the reason.

Well the tech this mornng that ain't so but does have to be adminstered quickly and at a certain temperature. I did not feel anything to resemble the past ct scans and in fact other than my face felt a little warm I did not know it had happend when she came in and said we're finished. I questioned because as any of you know a pelvic/abdominal warms up your groin area to make it feels like it's on fire a a minute or two. That did not happen, no rush. She explained if the temperature of the dye is at a certain temperture you will receive those feelings of your head flying off and the warmth on the past of body being scanned and it doesn't have to be shot into you in 12 seconds.

So any further scans mri's or xrays I am changing to Pensacola Open MRI after years of sending all my clients to the Imaging center (touchstone on Davis) Oh and it was about $20.00 cheaper.

Also for any of you on a Blue Medicare Advantage these two places were way cheaper than using an outpatient facility at the hospital. About $450 cheaper than SH.

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78 Re: Good News on 9/8/2016, 4:29 pm

Glad it went well....I have had the warm feeling from the contrast but never the felling you described. How awful. I didn't understand why you were so it makes sense.

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79 Re: Good News on 9/8/2016, 4:39 pm

The warm part was not the problem it was the part where it felt like your head was going to leave your body. That has happened with 2 different IVP's first one being in the military, the 3rd time it happened was at SH hospital and then one at Woodlands. The one I had at GB hospital last year wasn't as near as bad and the one today a piece of cake. They are where all my futures ones will be performed. Sh and Woodlands were the worst plus my first IVP in military.

I have only run into one other person this has happened to . Most people think I'm wacko when I tell them the problems I have. I am a little.

Get one of these techs that are in a hurry and you'll see what I mean.

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80 Re: Good News on 9/8/2016, 6:21 pm

My prayers are with Bob, and now that I am back home I hope to hear something positive about his surgery. My visit with Doctors yesterday had some bad news which I will describe in about a week after Bob is in rehab and we know he is ok. I will tell you about the good news which Northwestern has been approved for one of the sites in the USA for the successful combination of biology with targeted radiation on endocrine tumors and I may be eligible in January which is coming in a knick of time. Good news.

Now we all need a little good news with Bob, because I am going to have to be on good behavior until I know he is being on good behavior.......chit. Get well Bob.

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81 Re: Good News on 9/8/2016, 6:39 pm

Just spoke with his friend she is at the hospital, seems the surgeon ran 4 hours over his last surgery. Bob has been in pre-0p since 830 this morning and they just took him into the surgery room and put him to sleep at 530. May be hours now.

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82 Re: Good News on 9/8/2016, 6:56 pm

ppaca wrote:Just spoke with his friend she is at the hospital, seems the surgeon ran 4 hours over his last surgery. Bob has been in pre-0p since 830 this morning and they just took him into the surgery room and put him to sleep at 530. May be hours now.

Let's hope the surgeon and his assistants are not to tired to work on our friend.

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83 Re: Good News on 9/8/2016, 7:13 pm

First thing I mentioned to Bobs friend.

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84 Re: Good News on 9/8/2016, 7:19 pm

Oh boy I see a few things in this bio seaoat can rag on Bob for sometime lol. I will block out the doctors name.

Dr. Lincoln xxxxx earned his medical degree in Barranquilla, Colombia and completed his residency training in neurosurgery at the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Following his residency, he completed a two-year fellowship in combined cerebrovascular surgery at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. Before coming to Sacred Heart, Dr. xxxx served as an assistant professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Florida Health in Jacksonville.

Medical Interests
Dr. XXXX has special medical interests in vascular neurosurgery including open and endovascular approaches. Endovascular neurosurgery uses catheters and imaging technology to guide tiny devices through the blood vessels to diagnose and treat diseases and conditions such as brain aneurisms, ischemic strokes, vascular malformations, and AVMs. Dr. Jimenez also has experience in spine surgery and treats neurologic conditions including herniated discs, nerve root injuries, trigeminal neuralgia, Chiari malformations, brain hemorrhages, brain and spine tumors, and osteoarthritis of the spine.

Personal Profile
In his spare time, Dr. XXXX enjoys hiking, interval training, soccer, spending time with his family, and cooking seafood.

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85 Re: Good News on 9/8/2016, 8:11 pm

I wish you had not posted the Bio......sometimes keeping my mouth shut is something we can all agree. Plus.....I am on good behavior restrictions until our good friend is recovering and needs a little Seaoat time.

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86 Re: Good News on 9/8/2016, 10:37 pm

Still praying for Bob.....and always for you Seaoat.

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87 Re: Good News on 9/9/2016, 12:53 am

I am going to bed......I had hoped for some word tonight, and to say the least I am hoping in the morning there will be a good news post. We need lots of positive thought and prayers, but patience has never been one of my virtues, and I would be lying if I said I was not concerned about his care.

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88 Re: Good News on 9/9/2016, 1:04 am

Sea, I'm sure we're all concerned, but it's out of our hands. Glad you're heading for bed as it's the best thing you can do right now -- get some good rest, and dream of successful recovery for Bob, and new treatments for yourself and all others suffering from cancers of every type.

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89 Re: Good News on 9/9/2016, 6:18 am

Bob at spoken with the surgeon Wednesday afternoon and was very impressed with him. I sm sure he is an excellent surgeon. The late in the day after already pulling an all day surgery concerned me.

Have not heard a word yet. I will call at 8AM if I've heard nothing.

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90 Re: Good News on 9/9/2016, 6:43 am

Have not heard a word yet. I will call at 8AM if I've heard nothing.

Thanks. I am hopeful that Bob is surrounded by friends who can assist in his recovery after surgery. It is such an important role being a caregiver and Bob's recovery is enhanced by your concern ppaca. Your friendship toward Bob gains my utmost respect.

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91 Re: Good News on 9/9/2016, 8:15 am


Hoped to wake up to some news this morning. Continued prayers for Bob. He's a light around here. Rare abilities with intelligence, sarcasm, and just plain funny! So thankful for that Escambia County education we both share. Of course years apart...Bob's old. I'm a spring chicken. Laughing

92 Re: Good News on 9/9/2016, 8:56 am


Sadly... I think we need to be prepared... as we were warned before Teo's operation that there will likely be impairment and perhaps personality change. We don't know many things... such as where the tumor is... the size... etc. Hopefully he bounces back and rehabs well... but it could be a lengthy process. Hopefully none of this happens and he is back posting bobisms soon... the brain is a miraculous thing.

93 Re: Good News on 9/9/2016, 9:51 am

impairment and perhaps personality change.

Yep, he will watch NFL football on Sundays, and start posting threads about the same. He will trade the Prius in for a monster truck. He will start listening to rap, and will join a civil war recreation group where he will play the role of General Sherman, and he will preach how the Yankee march to the Sea was not harsh enough on the traitors and was a glorious triumph of the superior intellect of the North. He will take up square dancing, and join a civic group who want to restrict garage sales as unseemly invasions of local neighborhoods by nefarious individuals. It is a chance in any surgery on the brain, but the brain is remarkable and we can pray that he will regain 100% of his capacity. Of course we all know when he is back to 100% and cancer free that he will be messed with about his surgery...........Its just really hard to control Linda.

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94 Re: Good News on 9/9/2016, 9:52 am

I'm on the phone with him now. Ok this is what happened. I called his friend at 8 and she had no answers and the doc or his staff was suppose to call her when it was over last night and no one did. So I called ICU and said I know you can't tell me much about a friend since I'm not on a HIPPA form and the guy said who is he? I said Robert Wood and he said "do you have his phone number" I said cell he said yes. I said isn't he sleeping and he said he's on the phone. lol I callled and left message and he called me back.

The surgery lasted 3 or 4 hours he said and he is in ICU. He has his memory he said the doc told him the tumor had effected only his motor skills and he may never regain them or through a lot of physical therapy may regain them. He is due to have ct scan in a while to see if any tumor exists beyond what they got.

He is worried about no mobility and help moving his furniture around and ramps if he should need a wheel chair for the rest of his life. He said he cannot post here because of the mobility in his hands and it's ok to relay his progress. He wants an electric wheel chair if he needs one. He thanks all for the support.

Also to Seaoat he said he woke up singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

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95 Re: Good News on 9/9/2016, 10:09 am


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96 Re: Good News on 9/9/2016, 10:30 am


Whew... that's really good considering. How did he sound on the phone?

97 Re: Good News on 9/9/2016, 10:33 am

So glad Bob is doing better....

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98 Re: Good News on 9/9/2016, 10:37 am

PkrBum wrote:Whew... that's really good considering. How did he sound on the phone?

Sounds good and alert.

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99 Re: Good News on 9/9/2016, 10:50 am

Well, thank God he pulled through the surgery.

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100 Re: Good News on 9/9/2016, 10:52 am

Very hopeful news. You adjust to the physical. The simple aging process without this type of surgery will with enough time restrict one's ambulatory ability. PT and the dedicated people who work with physical impairment will push his limits and I have seen remarkable transition from immediately after brain surgery. It will take will take will take a caring group of friends who provide him support during his recovery. The other thing is that there are people on this forum who will be able to PM Bob with remarkable knowledge which should help him because I have received their help when they share their own impairments. I am not celebrating until Bob starts insulting me again......then I will get that warm and fuzzy feeling. Godspeed in the recovery.

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