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Looks as stupid as the ideas that we had back in 1982-1985 regarding embassy security and hostages

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We'd better get out folks out of these embassies and ricky-tic or another Tehran Hostage Crisis will occur. We can negotiate by phone when the dirka dirkas have had a chance to smoke a bong of hash and have calmed down. Sending 50 Marines is nothing more than a platoon without their heavy weapons, armor, or air support. It just adds to the numbers that can be taken hostage or killed if a mob of 20k or so decide to "tear down the walls" and rush the embassy. I don't want to see my brother Marines die in a mass suicide attack on an embassy that we could leave to the hellions that want to burn our flag etc.

I sat off the coast of Lebanon when the Muslims decided to take TWA Flight 847 and kill a Navy diver along with dumping his body on the runway. Our unit went back and forth across the Med waiting for this jet to finally stop where a plan could be made to get retribution. It never happened as folks were released. The only time in Lebanon that our embassy was safe was when armor from a MAU was parked out in front of it. That was the units deployed ahead of me and even then it was quite risky considering what happened 23 Oct 1983.

We need to pull our diplomatic folks out. Get some intel and send SOF into these areas to deal with the ne'erdowells. We have the intel to do this now. This isn't like back then or even at the start of the war with Iraq/Astan. I'm sure Obama wants to start an apology tour like he already has with the film about Dirka Dirka Mohammed. Obama better get his head out of his booty or he'll have 2 or 3 embassies with hostage a hostage crisis all at once.

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