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Forget Greece, China crashing hard 1929 style

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Think Greece's economy is the one in trouble? It's CHINA that's facing financial meltdown and the biggest stock market crash since the Great Depression

Nearly $3trillion wiped off Chinese stock markets in just the last few weeks
Government and investors launched campaign to prop up tumbling shares
Booming stock markets had more than doubled in the year to mid-June
Experts draw parallels with the credit booms that led up to the 1929 crash
Analyst: 'I've never seen this kind of slump before. Don't think anyone has'

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Forget Greece, China crashing hard 1929 style 20150706_shcomp_1

Forget Greece, China crashing hard 1929 style 2cb0ad2a

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Gonna be interesting to see how this one plays out.  
I just hope either Clinton or Bush (the wife and the brother I mean) are as smart on economics as Einstein was on physics when one of them becomes the head celebrity politician.
Because just the expertise for how to win an election may not be the expertise needed for this.

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Forget Greece, China crashing hard 1929 style Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcStAHYO8wyrSQrPfsfbXTLIA5iqHs9OJDOpAXzxX1CETqRQBtGZHQ

I think they need to take a $10-20 trillion loan, oh what the hell let's just make it $30 trillion, out with the World Bank or something to boost their economy just like the progressives always suggest. Then we can see how that works out...




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Twisted Evil

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