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South Carolina Senate speaks loud and clear

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Not too far from Lincoln's home town of Springfield, IL

South Carolina Senate speaks loud and clear - Page 2 Klux-ad

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Court ordered school integration ... Boston, Massachusetts ... 1976

South Carolina Senate speaks loud and clear - Page 2 539w

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South Carolina Senate speaks loud and clear - Page 2 ZseoQyJ1Gdmf4cBHorhBJKgDU9SafRdc8NArXYfiJs-0q5yU5OMatcRrrRh2PjMX0rtkY2f22Zi_5_qawBfsHFj5ouW9-YU_7ca8AjpP0fdchBpGNauq4JdiRg

"The Rabbit Inn Incident is a historical event that was a result of Irish Catholics, African Americans, and the Tactical Police Force clashing together in South Boston, 1974. The White Catholics tried to stop the desegregation of Boston and would do acts against the African Americans, such as throwing rocks at buses that would pass by the Inn and start raging riots with discriminating signs. Whites would carry signs saying, “Hitler’s Gestapo Out of South Boston” (Saba 1). The White community did not want African Americans mixing in their community, and they did their best to drive them out. The Tactical Police Force found out about these acts that were occurring and they immediately went into action to stop it. The White community retaliated towards the Tactical Police Force by throwing a brick at one of the police cars. This event did not stop any of the conflict and only irritated the tension more.

The Rabbit Inn Incident was certainly not the first occurrence of racial hostilities in South Boston at the time. When school buses began to transport black children, it was opposed by the hundreds of the white people in the area, who decided they would stone the buses, which injured many of the black children. In turn, police were sent to protect these children, but “bystanders reported that in many cases, police actually encouraged rock throwing and allowed groups of assailants through their lines, while also using the opportunity to come down hard on some of the white teenagers and bystanders” (Saba). The audience of this corruption were certainly, but not only, the black children and parents who were being targeted by the white people in the area and the police, and the white teenagers who were encouraged and then punished. The secondary audience would be the latin residents of South Boston and the working class who were opposed to all the violence that occurred. This incident was caused by the rising anger of the Irish in South Boston about the desegregation happening and the governmental system in Boston at that point, which divided the different nationalities and the working class. This was definitely a weak exhibit by the mayor of Boston and the police force to put a stop to the harassment of the black and latin residents of South Boston. The black community had to deal with a good deal of harassment before this struggle for integration was finished.

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Detroit, Michigan .. 1943

South Carolina Senate speaks loud and clear - Page 2 Boston-Riots-e1392059054157

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Good... the republicans take down what the democrats put up... again.

(Mississippi Historical Society)

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South Carolina Senate speaks loud and clear - Page 2 Map-free-slave-states-650

This is an original 1857 Map of the United States Showing the Free and Slave States. The Dark green states are the free states. The light green are the free "Territories", which were not yet states. The Red States were Slave Importing States, and the Pink States Were Slave States that Exported Slaves. Part of the dispute which helped trigger the Civil War was how to dispose of the territories . . . would they join the union as Slave or Free? The answer to this would tip the balance of power in the Congress, which is what made it such a difficult issue.

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" ... In Sweet Land of Liberty: The Forgotten Struggle for Civil Rights in the North (Random House, November), Thomas J. Sugrue, a professor of history and sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, lays bare the difficulty blacks have had in the North from before the first black Great Migration in the ’20s to the present.

This 80-year chronicle of recent history is, at best, a glass-half-empty tale.

The ’20s, as Sugrue tells it, was an era of growing hostility, as blacks moved north. Restrictive covenants blocked black entry into many neighborhoods. Schools were openly segregated. Shopkeepers and theaters displayed “whites only” signs. Sugrue writes, “Even celebrities such as Josephine Baker, Paul Robeson, Dorothy Dandridge and Marian Anderson had a hard time finding rooms and faced Jim Crow in restaurants when they toured the North.”

In the ’30s, blacks gained some voice in the Roosevelt administration, and some New Deal programs provided them relief from the Great Depression. But racism prevailed in many government programs. Federal housing agencies deemed black neighborhoods unworthy of credit, and federal officials segregated public housing. The ’30s and ’40s also saw white riots – in cities such as Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles – aimed at restricting blacks to neighborhoods they already occupied.

However, the war mobilization in the late ’30s and early ’40s, and threats of massive black demonstrations, did force the federal government to open up defense-related job opportunities.

Sugrue writes about A. Philip Randolph’s threatened 1941 march on Washington, which led to President Roosevelt’s executive order forbidding defense contractors from discriminating based on race. After further pressure, black employment in the aircraft industry increased, and auto industry employment jumped from 3 percent in the early part of the decade to 15 percent by 1945.

After World War II, northern cities became even more segregated as blacks moved into urban areas and whites migrated to the suburbs. Large-scale developments – such as the Levittowns in Long Island, N.Y., and Bucks County, Pa. – restricted occupancy for whites only. ..."

Gotta be careful when you go pointing a finger and be ever so mindful when you do there's three fingers pointing right back at yourself!


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Gawd... Democrats are awful racist sobs.

Thank the lord republicans have been here to end, slavery, eugenics, confederate flags... etc.

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