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The First Thanksgiving

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26 Re: The First Thanksgiving on 11/25/2016, 1:54 am

PkrBum wrote:I once had a nephew convinced that airplanes were actually the size of a fly... he struggled for awhile. Today I wore a captain America  t-shirt under my flannel shirt... I flashed it to each kid privately and told them not to tell anybody... lol. Most of them are wary of my tales by now... lol.

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27 Re: The First Thanksgiving on 11/25/2016, 11:10 am

Put the old dude in the basement where the kids are??

You're doing it wrong.

The point to going to the basement is there is no old guy.

Geez, even I remember that.

My daughter agrees with you and offered to put the lazy boy in a bedroom with TV in the basement so I could quietly rest and give the kids plenty of latitude, but they have become used to my presence, and I told her I enjoyed the interaction as most of the kids are second grade and below so having an adult around is not as objectionable as when they all get to be fourth fifth and sixth graders.......I remember sitting at the kids table for thanksgiving and getting old enough to make the main table, but few things are more fun than sitting at the kids table with kids you only see once a year at thanksgiving. Families are a hoot. The imperfection of human interactions are priceless. I remember like it was yesterday the big Heidi controversy when the football game was cut off by the Heidi movie as everybody was piszed off that their football game had just been cut off by TV executives in NY........I remember an old guy talking about WWII and how great France was........the same stories......some folks drinking too much.......and playing touch football in the snow.......I also remember after my father died the first thanksgiving where my mother took us to a restaurant for dinner and we were not with family or was a cold and disconnect thanksgiving for the next few years until once again we connected with family and friends. In 1973 we began the tradition with my wife's family and this continued until about 2012 when it just got too big for one location as we broke into three different family units to start new traditions. It was tough to break traditions, and there were some discontent with the changes, but life and families are fluid, and constantly changing.......but being a kid in the basement or kid's of the few times in life that sanity and security seem to be tangible and obtainable.

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28 Re: The First Thanksgiving on 11/25/2016, 12:44 pm

We continue the tradition of being together with my family. Thankful all my children and grandchildren live in GB. My sister lives in Pensacola and joins us for Christmas. 

I love sitting at the kids table with....the older kids (from 10-17) occupy the big table...I love being so close to them and I am thrilled they want me with them. More importantly....they confide in me.

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29 Re: The First Thanksgiving on 11/25/2016, 12:54 pm


That's sweet joani. I love the kids and chaos anytime... but probably most during the summer. I teach them to fish and boat and just enjoy the time we have. I make a big breakfast every morning and we play all day. I know they'll cherish it one day just like I do my elders from when I was a child.

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